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Thalox is an AI-powered audience segmentation tool that takes the guesswork out of Marketing campaigns: segment contacts, boost engagement and deliver the best leads to sales.

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What is thalox?

Beyond predictive lead scoring

We use AI to predict the likelihood of a contact engaging with future email campaigns. It’s always up-to-date and it’s a better indicator for Marketers. No configuration required!

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Automatic database segmentation

Stop struggling to analyse your database and build better email lists. The thalox audience segmentation tool does this automatically, no guessing! Then you can enhance, re-engage, or clean your contact lists.

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FindBest Contacts

Increased email conversion

Understanding where contacts are in the customer journey can result in a 3x higher engagement rate. Tailor your messaging, convert leads, and deliver them to sales.

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Smarter segmentation

Predict, engage, and convert like never before

Forget about low conversion rates and dealing with a cluttered database! Thalox leverages AI to predict a contact's engagement with your marketing campaigns. It then neatly organizes them into contact lists in HubSpot according to their likelihood to engage. This process relies on a sophisticated AI-driven score: the Thalox Engagement Score.

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Lead Prediction

Native integration with HubSpot - no tech skills required! thalox’s machine learning algorithm predicts your contact’s engagement level with future emails.

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Audience Segmentation

Automatic segmentation of contacts into 3 lists, based on their predicted future engagement level with email marketing campaigns.

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Email Engagement

Clean your database of inactive contacts (or re-engage them), tailor campaigns to each audience, and start delivering better leads to sales.

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Hear what our customers say

Toni Kauppinen | Sales Manager at Flashnode
Toni KauppinenSales Manager

“The Thalox High Engagement list gives us in sales very valuable insights about who we are contacting and in which order. It definitely makes sense to know which contacts are most active and most likely to sign when we’re deciding how we use our own resources”.

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Felix Simon | Co-Founder at haeppie
Felix SimonCo-Founder

“With thalox I am able to target my email campaigns and generate qualified leads from my own database without investing a lot of money in other online campaigns. The add-on saves us a lot of time in selecting our target group”.

Céline Mehlstäubl | Marketing Automation Manager at Proliance
Céline MehlstäublMarketing Automation Manager

“With the use of thalox, we have significantly improved the challenge of distinguishing download tourists from real customers”.

Dylan Hendricks | Head of Demand Generation at SAM Labs
Dylan HendricksHead of Demand Generation

“Thalox has been amazing for getting our HubSpot data segmented. Thalox’s segments are easy to push to HubSpot and then use for targeted campaigns”.

Inês Maurício | CRM Manager at CCB
Inês MaurícioCRM Manager

“Segmentation based on interaction with machine learning technology, will help you to communicate in a more accurate way, saving you time and money”.

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Quantified success

Better results for your marketing team

Elevate HubSpot engagement with thalox's audience segmentation tool

Up to 3xEngagement rate
10% LessInactive contacts
Up to 3xSQL conversion
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