Identify High-Quality Leads From Your Own Database

Based on their past activity, thalox can predict how a contact is likely to engage with your HubSpot marketing emails.

What is thalox for marketers?

Predictive analytics

An A.I. solution for HubSpot which predicts the likelihood of a contact engaging with future marketing emails. No guessing.


Higher engagement rate

Sending personalised messages to contacts according to where they are in the customer journey, results up to 3x higher engagement rate.

Relevant message

Marketers can spend more time creating customised messages that are specifically tailored to their contacts’ interests and needs.

Identify where your contacts are in the customer journey

Thalox predicts your contact’s engagement level with future emails, allowing you to effectively engage with them, and qualify them further to delight your sales team.

“Thalox has been amazing for getting our HubSpot data segmented. Thalox’s segments are easy to push to HubSpot and then use for targeted campaigns”.

Shaunda Douglas
Product Marketing Manager | SAM Labs

Simple and secure

An OAuth authentication to connect to HubSpot. All of your data is stored separately from other customers’ data on AWS infrastructure.

“With thalox for marketers I am able to target my email campaigns and generate qualified leads from my own database without investing a lot of money in other online campaigns.
The add-on saves us a lot of time in selecting our target group”.

Felix Simon
Co-Founder | Haeppie

Save Time and Money

The scores will be pushed into HubSpot in no time. Lowest scores can help you identify non-value leads which you can delete and save money in HubSpot.

Segmentation based on interaction with machine learning technology, will help you to communicate in a more accurate way, saving you time and money.

Inês Maurício
CRM Manager | CCB