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The differences between customer experience and digital customer experience are becoming increasingly important. The world is becoming more digital day after day, people are buying more online, there are new channels and new ways to communicate, and companies are developing a more customer-centric culture – putting the needs of the customers as a priority. Therefore, we need to be more specific in the messaging to better understand our target audience.

thalox.engine uses predictive analytics along with historical information about your customer to deliver what they expect you to do – to send the right message according to their real interests.

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Our expertise from a business and financial perspective as well as our experience from running and working with companies before, allow us to support you through your sales and marketing operations while becoming a digital company. We are specialists in demand generation, and we will help your sales and marketing efforts to become more effective and more productive.

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Starting from a proven infrastructure, we can train our algorithm on your customer’s specific data.

  • Turning data into gold
  • Intelligent engine able to predict which customer is most likely to click on an email – click-through rate
  • It creates a new target audience segment in the form of a recommendation
  • Straightforward and intuitive
  • Optimization of the customer engagement that leads to more revenue
  • Boosting relevancy and revenue which leads into customer satisfaction and value
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What we aim at

  • Understand the end-customer behavior along the customer journey
  • Meet your customers where they are instead of guessing
  • Distribute the right content along the customer lifecycle phases
  • Be more accurate in your communication and more specific by providing the right information over the right channel
  • Optimize your funnel that equals to more business
  • Optimize the customer journey by using your customer data
  • Build more than 100 use cases within just one intelligent engine


Your data is gold. AI helps you look into your database and allows you to have spare time to focus on getting the right content and message to your customer.


Find the right dialogue. Your customer wants to get the right content from you. Live up to the expectations.


thalox.engine recommendation will enable you to focus you on your customers instead of spending your valuable  time selecting the data as the engine works automatically


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