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“We believe in data-driven Customer Centric Services.”

Customer behavior prediction software based on AI & ML designed to identify the right target audience.

We boost your Marketing & Sales investments by optimizing your Customer Engagement automatically

Young Start Up from Matosinhos founded in Europe with a team of  highly motivated and purpose-driven employees

20+ years of specialized know-how in B2B Marketing & Customer Centric Services like demand generation, customer journey management and business consulting.

What could be the next big thing?


Several years of Marketing, Sales and Business experience working with small agencies and big tech corporations, allow us to have a clear vision for today’s customer expectations and needs. We are able to help you with:

  • Finetuning your demand generation strategies and customer journey management
  • Improving your customer engagement and reputation by communicating more personalized and relevant content
  • Establishing a sustainable change management to boost your teams to  a high efficient customer-centric organisation


We believe in the power of data. Analyzing customer touchpoints direct us to greater insights about their expectations, preferences and needs.


Your customers need personalized content entering their mailbox. They need a company that can deliver delightful marketing experiences according to who they are on a demographic and digital behavior level.


As Data Transformation progresses, there is more and more sources companies can take data from. Marketeers and data experts can simply not keep track of every lead and their insights in such big datasets. AI and Machine Learning model enables marketing and sales professionals to save time, by forecasting campaign results based on predictive analysis.


At the end of the day, it is all about building data-driven content to nurture and retain customers for the long run. And it is about freeing up Marketing and Sales teams to focus on the personal customer relationsship.


While Digital Transformation keeps moving forward, companies invest millions into initiatives that just don’t pay off. In order for them to succeed, it requires focus on new mindsets and deep understanding of the digital environment, but first and foremost, to prioritize the recipients to which those initiatives are crafted for.

Companies need to continue to deliver positive human interactions and automated solutions need to learn from it.

That is when AI and Predictive Analytics come into play, by transforming past and current data into future and actionable insights, allowing companies to attract, retain and grow their pipeline, whilst customers feel heard and receive tailor-made, customized content.


  • We’re passionated about human-to-human interaction and personal engagement
  • Increasing operational efficiency, driving revenue and growth
  • Predicting the next best interaction with all your customer

Meet your customers where they are instead of guessing. ​

Discover thalox.engine

We believe that we are at a dawn of the next level of Business Communications. It requires to meet the rising customer expectations in relevant, reliable, secure and fast responses through their preferred digital channels.

The founders from Thalox

Meet our team

Erwin Arnold


Pascal Lendermann

CMO & Culture

Falk von Rönn

Director Delivery Management


Director Delivery Management

Lisa Freitas

Marketing Manager

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