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What can be done with the No Activity Segment?

The No Activity Segment contains all contacts for which no activity was detected during the extraction of the data. This means that these contacts do not fall into the Inactive or Indecisive segment or any of the others.

For maketers, it is important to look closely at these contacts, as contacts with no activity can have a strong influence on the sender’s reputation. In addition, such contacts cause unnecessary costs in HubSpot.

To access the segment and transfer it to your HubSpot instance, please click on the “Statistics” tab for the desired prediction.

On the right-hand side, you will now see the number of contacts that have been assigned to this segment.

To transfer the segment to HubSpot, please click on the button “Push segment into HubSpot”. A dialog box will open. Please click on “Push segment” button.

As usual, you will receive an email message when the transfer is completed.

Now, you can go into HubSpot by clicking the button in the email and decide how you want to proceed with these contacts.

We have the following suggestions for you:
– Send a message specifically to these contacts to see if they can be reactivated.

– Check the email address carefully – maybe they are mostly coming from free email providers like Gmail, Hotmail etc.

– Check for misspelling email addresses that bounced and duplicated contacts.

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