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How can I upgrade my plan?

To upgrade your plan, you must be connected to thalox for marketers, please login first.

You can also visit the pricing page to see the full offerings of each subscription plan.

1) When you are logged in, you will see a message on the navigation bar with the days left of your trial and also the option to upgrade your plan, as you can see in the image below.

Please click “here” so you access a dashboard with a form to add your billing details.

2) Once you clicked, you will see a page with a form that you need to fill in with your billing details.

After filling out the form with all your billing information, you need to add your credit card details and click on the subscribe button to become a thalox customer and start this adventure with us.

In case you recieved a cupon you could enter the code under the credit card information.

Note: If you are interested in the Enterprise subscription, please contact us directly through email to: office@thalox.com.

3) After subscribing to the Business plan you will have access to a dashboard that will show you the following tabs:

  • Invoices: where you can see your invoices and download it.

Learn how to view and download your invoices.

  • Billing Details: where you can update your billing details

Learn how to change your billing details.

  • Subscription: where you can see your subscription plan

Learn how to unsubscribe from your subscription.

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