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E-mail Marketing Strategy

How to run A/B testing in HubSpot with thalox for marketers?

You can start thinking about doing some A/B testing using those segments. Helpful articles on how to run A/B testing within HubSpot can be found here.

Progressive Profiling in HubSpot with thalox for marketers.

The goal is to create a flow of e-mails where you could ask more and more questions to your audience.It is all about starting a conversation. Do you ask all the questions you want to ask about another person in your first meeting or first date? Probably not. You must be methodical about the way you ask for that information or you can risk a potential customer feeling flooded.

How could thalox for marketers help with Polls and Surveys by asking the right questions?

For marketers, polls and surveys are a great solution to enrich your database and even create high engagers. We recommend using your “High Engagements Segment” and “Dormant Potential Segment” to run a poll or a survey. Helpful articles on how to create a poll or a survey within HubSpot can be found here.

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